Bits Professional Data Recovery

Data lost? What next? Vitally important: Keep calm!

For both private Users and IT-Professionals data loss means a lot of stress – Our job is data recovery.

As a leading provider of data recovery, we offer fast and reliable data recovery service in top quality at reasonable fixed prices.

Take advantage of our free hotline and one of our friendly staff will help with advice and support.

Hotline: 0800-36-38-448

Data recovery procedure

In case of an emergency, we are there for you 24 hours a day.

Keep calm!

In the event of a data loss, it is important to shut down the data carrier immediately.

In most cases, the longer the disk is in use, or attempts are made to „get a grip“ on the problem itself, the greater the damage. Failed rescue attempts reduce the chances or in most cases make you impossible.

… and this is the process of data recovery:

You can contact us (via email, phone, personal visit).

  • We will answer all your questions.
  • We will give you detailed advice on how to proceed.

Please fill in our online form or diagnostic request (not necessary for personal visits).

  • A detailed description of the cause of damage is particularly important.
  • Tell us the data, sorted by priority, which we should rescue for you.
  • The more precise your information about the circumstances, the better we can respond to your individual needs.
  • With this online form we will receive a notification that your data carrier is on its way to us.

A few minutes after submitting the online form you will receive a confirmation email.

  • Please print out this confirmation email, sign it and attach it to the data carrier as a delivery note when you send it.

Sending the disk to Bits Recovery Data Recovery

  • Pack the data carrier carefully and shockproof protected (e. g. in bubble wrap or packaging chips. If necessary, also crumpled newspapers).
  • If you have selected „Pickup“ in the online form, wait for a notification of the parcel service regarding a pick-up date.
  • Otherwise, we recommend shipping as an insured parcel with shipment tracking via DHL or UPS. You will receive a receipt when you submit the package and you can check where it is at any time on the Internet.
  • As soon as we receive the package, we will send you a confirmation of receipt for your data carrier by email.

Of course, you can also hand in your data carrier personally. In this case, there is no need to fill in the online form and send it.

All the necessary information is provided in a personal consultation.

Diagnosis of your data carrier in our own laboratory / clean room.

  • We perform a free diagnosis of your hard drive. (only free of charge for unmanipulated disks)
  • You will receive a preliminary assessment of our laboratory on the same day.
  • Within 1-2 days we will provide you with a qualified diagnostic report and a binding Offer for data recovery.
  • You decide in peace and quiet and then entrust us with the data recovery.

As soon as the data recovery is completed, we will inform you:

  • We will email you the invoice and a listing of the recovered data as proof of the successful Data recovery.
  • After checking the listing, transfer the invoice amount.
  • We will send you the data as an insured parcel with a tracking number directly on receipt of payment.
  • You are also welcome to pick up your data in person. Come to us, check the recovered data on site. Only when you have convinced yourself that we have recovered your data as promised, pay cash or with EC card and take your data with you immediately.